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The Department of Student Engagement is located in suites 253, 255, 261, 263, 264, and 267 of the Carmichael Student Center, Kennesaw Campus. The Marietta Campus branch is located in the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center suite 230. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with select centers open until 7:00 pm Monday - Thursday. We can be reached by phone at 470-578-6443 or by FAX at 470-578-9164.

 Staff Directory

    • Rehanna Braun

      Rehanna Braun, M.A.

      Office Manager and Assistant to the Director, Student Engagement


  •  Adult and Commuter Student Affairs, Kennesaw Campus

    • Todd

      R. Todd Powell, M.A.Ed.

      Assistant Director for Adult and Commuter Student Affairs

    • Veronica

      Veronica Jones Sheehan

      Senior Program Coordinator, Adult and Commuter Student Affairs


    Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program

    • Nicole

      Nicole Simmons, M.P.A.

      Coordinator, Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program


    Adult and Commuter Student Affairs, Marietta Campus

    • Brandon

      Brandon Jackson, M.P.A.

      Associate Director of Multicultural Student Affairs

    • Trace

      Trace Godoy

      Administrative Associate, Multicultural Student Affairs


    LGBTQ Student Programs

    • Jessica

      Jessica Duvall

      Assistant Director for Gender and Sexuality Programs, Multicultural Student Affairs

    • Jieron M. Robinson

      Jieron M. Robinson

      Program Coordinator, LGBTQ Student Programs


    International Student Programs

    • Aleks NP

      Aleksandra Ninova-Parris, M.P.A.

      Assistant Director for International Student Programs, Multicultural Student Affairs

    • Shirmenia Nunes

      Shirmenia Nunes

      Program Coordinator, International Student Programs


    Multicultural Student Programs

    • Yen

      Yen Rodriguez, M.A.

      Assistant Director for Race, Culture & Ethnicity Programs, Multicultural Student Affairs

    • Jordan Brantley

      Jordan Brantley

      Program Coordinator, Multicultural Student Programs

    Multicultural Student Affairs, Marietta Campus

    • Emily Wells

      Emily Rowland Wells

      Senior Program Coordinator, Multicultural Student Affairs, Marietta Campus



    • Ryan Keesee

      Ryan Keesee, M.Ed.

      Assistant Director for Volunteerism and Service-Learning

    • Lindsay Johnson

      Lindsay Johnson, M.Ed.

      Program Coordinator, Volunteerism

      • 470-578-4505
      • ST 268 A
    • Flora

      Flora Lowe-Rockett, M.S.

      Administrative Associate, Volunteerism and Service-Learning