Intergroup Dialogue

What is Intergroup Dialogue (IGD)?

Intergroup Dialogue or IGD is a carefully constructed in-depth, extended diversity dialogue experience that explores social group identity, conflict, “ism’s,” privilege, community, and social justice. IGDs are based on social groups with a history of conflict and which are located differently in societal systems of power, privilege, and oppression (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, (dis)ability status, and/or others). In a dialogue, each identity group is represented by a balanced number of student participants, usually five to seven students from each group.

Why is the principle of dialogue used?

Dialogue, the key concept of the IGD program, is important to the success of in-depth conversations about issues that are sometimes difficult and uncomfortable.  The dialogue format is different from debate or discussion in that dialogue broadens students’ perspectives and encourages students to understand the perspectives of others, even if not agreeing.

How can I participate in a dialogue? More Info here.

You can register for a Fall 2017 for-credit IGD course focusing on race by taking KSU 4401 Senior-Year Experience: Intergroup Dialogue—Race. This is a 3 credit, seven week—session one course (August 14 – October 7, 2017) meeting on Friday’s from 9am – Noon in the Kennesaw Campus Library—Room 330.

What are students saying about their IGD experience?

“Great people, great time, amazing dialogue…I came with an ear to listen and my perspective to share. I left with new friends and the perspectives of those same friends that has enriched my views…I would do it again a thousand times.”--Ryan Wilson

“I really enjoyed the IGD, because coming from a home back group where it is hard to talk about "hot topic" issues, it gave me an opportunity to share what I have felt with people who were open to listening. It was truly enriching.”--Noelle Cameron

“A truly transformative experience. This dialogue creates a space where you can really challenge your preconceptions, expand your view, and interact with amazing people…”--Edmund Tella


Fall 2016 IGD Group

Fall 2016 IGD Group