Multicultural Resource Centers

Multicultural Student Affairs supports the operations and programmatic offerings of three dynamic student resource centers in the Student Center of the Kennesaw Campus and a combined Multicultural Student Affairs Center in the Student Center of the Marietta Campus.

Cultural Awareness Resource Center

The Cultural Awareness & Resource Center (CARC), located on the second floor of the Kennesaw Campus Student Center in Room 263, offers an array of services and resources that cater to the needs of African American, Hispanic/Latino American, Asian American, and Indigenous American students. However, we take great pride in fostering an environment where all KSU students, faculty, and staff, regardless of differences, can come together to utilize supplemental resources and services for academic success.

Resource Library--The CARC resource library contains over 300 books, 100 DVDs, VHS and audio tapes, magazines and other minority specific information. These resources are audio and visual resources that can be checked out at any time for class assignments, instruction or personal use.

Academic Support--The CARC services include a full service ITS computer lab and appointment and walk-in tutorial services in math, science, and English support at no charge to faculty, staff and registered KSU students.

Conference and Meeting Space--The CARC also provides a conference room space with a large screen display for presentations. For more information on our conference room, please email Yen Rodriguez at


LGBTQ Student Resource Center

The Center’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive space where students of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations can come to receive support, resources, and referrals in order to aid in the realization of their fullest potential as students, individuals, leaders, community members, and advocates.  The Center is open to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We are located at the Kenneasw Campus, first floor of the Student Center, Room 164, in the lobby area across from the University Rooms.


Global Village

The Global Village, located on the second floor of the Kennesaw Campus Student Center, is truly a home away from home for KSU's international students and offers a fostering environment for personal growth, networking, and engagement on campus. The Global Village creates out-of-class opportunities for American and international students to interact with one another in an environment that fosters global learning, social and interpersonal relationships, intercultural communication and awareness, and shared academic connections beyond the classroom. The Global Village provides a gathering place for cultural and internationally-centered programs, tutoring, discussions, and exhibits.  The Global Village also offers student computers, a global learning resource library, study tables, kitchenette, satellite TV for cultural and international programs, and programming space for student events.


Multicultural Student Affairs Center

Located in the Student Affairs Suite of the Marietta Campus Student Center, this space provides diversity services and programs for students on the Marietta Campus. Supported by LGBTQ Student Programs, International Student Programs, and Multicultural Student Programs, this center focuses on the intersection of identity and works to faciliate dialogue within and between various student groups on the Marietta Campus.