Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the International Student Programs (ISP) is to provide international students with leadership, advocacy, guidance, out-of-class support and personalized assistance. In addition, the ISP exposes international students to social and intercultural contacts, and to helpful resources. It is expected that through the ISP's assistance, services and activities that international students will be retained at Kennesaw State University until graduation and achievement of their personal and academic goals.

Our Goals

Specifically, the ISP will:

  • Provide an out-of-class experience or quality of life that accommodates international students' social and cultural needs.
  • Facilitate international students' development and acquisition of necessary life skills to enable them to effectively transition into American Culture and to succeed in regard to their academic goals.
  • Offer personal or individualized support, based upon need and circumstance, in the way of advisement, troubleshooting, advocacy, intervention and networking, etc..
  • Track and monitor statistical results on retention, progression and graduation.
  • Recommend necessary policies and procedures to improve programs, services and the general culture of the University for international students.
  • Help monitor compliance with immigration and regulatory requirements to enable international students to remain in good legal standing within the U.S.A.
  • Provide or refer international students to academic support services, as needed, such as tutoring, academic advisement, test preparation, etc.