Rainbow Graduation & Awards Ceremony

Class of 2019

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Registration for Rainbow Graduation will open in January 2019.

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  • LGBTQ Student Programs is proud to host the Annual Rainbow Graduation & Awards Ceremony  for the Class of 2018. We recognize that LGBTQ students often face a unique and challenging road on the journey to graduation and extra time should be taken to acknowledge the hard work and determination put forth by graduating LGBTQ students to reach this momentous occasion. Rainbow Graduation provides an opportunity to honor and celebrate graduating LGBTQ and Ally students for their accomplishments, efforts, and contributions while in attendance at Kennesaw State University.

    Register for Rainbow Graduation, Class of 2019
  • Rainbow Graduation provides an opportunity to not only acknowledge graduating students, but to also recognize members of the KSU community who have made positive contributions to the LGBTQ community on campus. Awards are presented in the following three categories:

    • Pride Leadership Award: The most prestigious of the awards, this honor recognizes a student’s extraordinary service and outstanding leadership in helping to build the LGBTQ community, promote LGBTQ issues, and raise awareness at KSU and the greater community.
    • Emerging Leader Award: Each year, it is of the utmost importance for new leaders to emerge and step up to serve the community through leadership. This award acknowledges not only the potential but the amazing qualities of an up and coming leader in the LGBTQ campus community. 
    • Safe Space Award: This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who uses their Safe Space training and position at KSU to provide an extraordinary level of support to the LGBTQ campus community.

    Submit a nomination for the Pride Awards 2019
  • In 1995, Ronni Sanlo, the Director of the University of Michigan’s LGBT Resource Center, decided that LGBT students need their own graduation ceremony on campus to honor their accomplishments and contributions to the university, and to acknowledge the fact that they had survived the many challenges faced by LGBT students. Since then, Lavender Graduation ceremonies have been hosted at dozens of universities across the country.