African-American Male Initiative

AAMI Kasim Reed
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela

The KSU African American Male Initiative (AAMI) program is a minority-male enrichment program that provides academic, social, and cultural opportunities to KSU minority-males.  The unique set of programming offered through AAMI focuses on the inspirational tenets of brotherhood and leadership and can include: regional leadership conferences, guest lectures, mentorship, social outings,  leadership workshops and more.  AAMI programming empowers students to achieve academic and personal excellence so that they may become leaders in their families and communities. 

AAMI History
The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is a grant-funded student success program that focuses on increasing the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of black men in University System of Georgia (USG) institutions.  In 2002, this system-wide initiative was created in response to  the lower rates of black male college enrollment and completion across the state of Georgia. These lower completion rates were attributed, in part, to the lack of curricular and co-curricular support that black men received prior to and throughout their college journeys. In response, the USG funded the AAMI grant program which has led to system institutions establishing campus initiatives that have been very successful in improving black male college success and completion. 

Housed in Multicultural Student Affairs within the Department of Student Engagement, KSU has a vibrant AAMI program that focuses on the academic success and holistic development of black men on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses. This is done through a variety of support opportunities that include peer-to-peer mentoring, weekly study halls, cultural programming, and academic advising meetings. 

Program Applications

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  • AAMI Ambassadors

    Application Process

    2018 AAMI Ambassador Application

    Apply here for the 2018 African American Male Initiative Ambassador experience. 

    Background of AAMI Ambassadors at KSU

    KSU’s African American Male Initiative partners with faculty, students and staff to increase the enrollment, retention and graduation rates of black men through Kennesaw State University. The Ambassador program addresses the following points for a select group of participants within our black male student demographic:

    • Apparel to be worn at any events of interest to the KSU AAMI
    • Assignment of a professional mentor
    • Academic and Social Programming adapted specifically to ambassador interest
    • Leadership Training
    • Leadership and Development Conference Opportunities free of charge (travel and room included)
    • Upon active participation and completion of program, an official letter of reference and recommendation will be provided

    The  Ambassador program gives black male students valuable leadership and professional development experiences.




    AAMI Freshmen Cohort Application Proccess

    Below, you'll find the online application for the 2018-2019 African American Male Initiative Freshmen Cohort which includes the three day summer IMPACT orientation on July 13th - 15th and the first-year African-American Male Perspectives Learning Community.

    ***IMPORTANT: If you are accepted for the AAMI Freshmen Cohort, you are automatically agreeing to participate in both the summer IMPACT orientation AND the African-American Male Perspectives first-year learning community; so please read the descriptions below before applying.*** 


    What is IMPACT?

    IMPACT is a 3 day/2 night summer orientation program for students that have been accepted into the AAMI Freshmen Cohort.  All meals, lodging, and enterainment costs are covered by KSU.  During IMPACT, attendees will meet the other cohort members, learn more about the AAMI program, and learn how to successfully transition into college life.  

    The objectives of IMPACT are:

    • Introduce students to the staff and support services of the Multicultural Student Affairs Department. 
    • Allow students to preview “college living” by staying in the Marietta Campus Residence Halls. 
    • Help students establish relationships and support networks with other AAMI students.
    • Learn more about the AAMI program including the African-American Male Perspectives Learning Community, AAMI Peer Mentoring structure, and our academic support programs.  


    Tentative IMPACT Schedule
    Thursday, July 12th 
    Attend Summer Orientation 8:00am - 5:00pm
    IMPACT Check-in & Welcome Dinner 5:30pm - 7:00pm
    Residence Hall unpacking 7:00pm - 8:30pm
    Social Activities 8:30pm - 10:30pm
    Friday, July 13th
    Breakfast 8:00am - 9:00am
    AAMI Workshops 9:00am - 11:30am
    Lunch 11:30am - 12:30pm
    AAMI Workshops & Free Time 12:30pm - 6:30pm
    Dinner 6:30pm - 7:30pm
    Social Activities 7:30pm - 10:30pm
    Saturday, July 14th 
    Breakfast 8:00am - 9:00am
    AAMI Workshops 9:00am - 11:30am
    Lunch 11:30am - 12:30pm
    Closing & Check-out 12:30pm - 2:00pm

    What is the African-American Male Perspectives Learning Community?

    The African-American Male Perspectives Learning Community is a group of 5 classes that all 25 members of the AAMI Freshmen cohort will take together during the Fall and Spring semesters of their freshmen year.  Taking these courses together will help students build support networks amongst each other and strengthen their "brotherhood" as they work together to navigate their freshmen year.  As a cohort, it will be easier to form study groups, complete group assignments, and learn effective academic skills from each other. This first-year Learning Community will be an interdisciplinary approach to support the identity and academic development of students in KSU’s African American Male Initiative Program.

    Students will develop critical thinking skills through a variety of activities, projects, and academic discourse designed to broaden their understanding of American History, the English language, and global issues as they relate to African-American male development.

    African-American Male Perspectives Learning Community Courses 2018-2019
    Fall 2018
    KSU 1101  KSU Freshman Seminar T&TH 2:00PM - 3:15PM 3 credits
    HIST 2112 US History since 1877 T & TH 3:30PM - 4:45PM 3 credits
    ENGL 1101 English Composition I TBA 3 credits
    Spring 2019
    AADS 1102 Issues in African Diaspora Studies  TBA 3 credits
    ENGL 1102 English Compostion II TBA 3 credits

     Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do I have to be an African-American male to join this learning community?                    A: No, you do not.  Any student can enroll in these courses, however these courses will synthesize academic course-work with minority-male identity development theories, therefore it is recommended that enrolled students have an interest in learning more about minority-male development. 

    Q: Will these courses count towards my selected major?                                                      A: Probably.  These courses are part of the general education requirements that all KSU degree-seeking students must complete, therefore they will most likely count towards your selected major.  If you enroll in this learning community, you will be assigned an advisor to ensure that each class will work with your major requirements.  

    Q: How do I enroll in this Learning Community?                                                                    A: Simply complete the application form below to apply.  The selection committee will review your responses and let you know if you have been accepted into the learning community.            



    AAMI Freshmen Cohort Application 2018-2019

    Please complete the form before Wednesday, June 13th 2018 to be considered.  You will be notified of your application status within the following 2 weeks.  

    Please provide your first and last name.

    Please provide your date of birth in xx/xx/xxxx format.

    Please enter your primary email address. Your KSU Student Email is preferred but is not required.

    Please provide your preferred telephone number in xxx-xxx-xxxx format.

    Please enter the High School you graduated from.

    Please answer "Yes" or "Still waiting on a Decision"

    If you are unsure of the major you would like to study please answer by saying "Undecided."

    Please answer only if you will be an NCAA student athlete here at KSU.

    Please answer the question in paragraph form.


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