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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela

The KSU African American Male Initiative (AAMI) program is a minority-male enrichment program that provides academic, social, and cultural opportunities to KSU minority-males.  The unique set of programming offered through AAMI focuses on the inspirational tenets of brotherhood and leadership and can include: regional leadership conferences, guest lectures, mentorship, social outings,  leadership workshops and more.  AAMI programming empowers students to achieve academic and personal excellence so that they may become leaders in their families and communities. 

AAMI History
The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is a grant-funded student success program that focuses on increasing the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of black men in University System of Georgia (USG) institutions.  In 2002, this system-wide initiative was created in response to  the lower rates of black male college enrollment and completion across the state of Georgia. These lower completion rates were attributed, in part, to the lack of curricular and co-curricular support that black men received prior to and throughout their college journeys. In response, the USG funded the AAMI grant program which has led to system institutions establishing campus initiatives that have been very successful in improving black male college success and completion. 

Housed in Multicultural Student Affairs within the Department of Student Engagement, KSU has a vibrant AAMI program that focuses on the academic success and holistic development of black men on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses. This is done through a variety of support opportunities that include peer-to-peer mentoring, weekly study halls, cultural programming, and academic advising meetings. 

Upcoming Programming

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  • Application Process

    2017 AAMI Ambassador Application

    Apply here for the 2017 African American Male Initiative Ambassador experience. 

    Background of AAMI Ambassadors at KSU

    KSU’s African American Male Initiative partners with faculty, students and staff to increase the enrollment, retention and graduation rates of black men through Kennesaw State University. The Ambassador program addresses the following points for a select group of participants within our black male student demographic:

    • Apparel to be worn at any events of interest to the KSU AAMI
    • Assignment of a professional mentor
    • Academic and Social Programming adapted specifically to ambassador interest
    • Leadership Training
    • Leadership and Development Conference Opportunities free of charge (travel and room included)
    • Upon active participation and completion of program, an official letter of reference and recommendation will be provided

    The ultimate goal of the Ambassador program is to grant the opportunity for black male students to gain valuable leadership skills while granting them with professional development experiences.



    Application Process

    Apply here for the 2016-2017 African American Male Initiative experience which includes IMPACT (a three-day, intensive orientation experience July 28-30). 

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    Background on IMPACT at KSU

    KSU’s African American Male Initiative partners with faculty, students and staff to
    increase the enrollment, retention and graduation rates of black men through
    Kennesaw State University. The IMPACT program addresses the following points for a select group of participants within the first year black male student demographic:

    • Familiarize students with staff and services of the unit of Multicultural Student Affairs 
    • Familiarize students with the layout of both Marietta and Kennesaw
      campuses of the University prior to the start of the Fall 2016 semester
    • Allow students to experience “college living” via housing in dormitories on
      the Marietta campus for the duration of the intensive
    • Allow students to establish relationships and network with one another
    • Attract participants to KSU AAMI programming and General Body

    The ultimate goal of the IMPACT program is to grant the opportunity for first year
    black male students to gain an extra edge during their transition to college life while
    making them aware of leadership and professional development resources.

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