Vision, Mission, and Goals

Our Vision


The Vision of Multicultural Student Programs is to provide a platform for holistic development and success for all students at Kennesaw State University

Multicultural Student Programs facilitates holistic development and success for students by offering the following services and resources:

  • Cultural Awareness and Resource Center (CARC)
  • Events, Programs, and Activities
  • KSU African American Male Initiative (AAMI)
  • Multicultural Programming Board
  • Heritage Month Celebrations

Our Mission

Multicultural Student Programs uses engaging student programs to create and sustain an inclusive environment that promotes educational excellence through multicultural experiences. Multicultural Student Programs sponsors academic, cultural, leadership, and social programs that enrich the educational experience of all Kennesaw State University Students, with an emphasis on topics of race and ethnicity. 

Our Values (F.O.C.U.S.)

Foundation: We contribute to the realization and establishment of individual core values in which their daily lives are walked out.

Outreach: We recognize the importance of reaching out to the surrounding community in which Kennesaw State University resides, therefore partnerships are established.

Community: We vigorously establish an inclusive environment in which all students feel welcomed and safe.

Unity: We encourage and inspire individuals to realize the significance of working together to establish cohesiveness within the KSU community and surrounding areas.

Social Justice: We identify the importance of this work and inspire students to engage in meaningful conversation and action surrounding this body of work.

Our Goals

  • To encourage and increase student enrollment, academic success and matriculation through KSU by providing individualized services such as informal advising, referrals, mentoring, tutoring, and advocacy.

  • To encourage and increase student enrollment, academic success and matriculation through KSU by providing co-curricular opportunities to students, which complement the KSU academic experience.

  • To assist students with identifying financial resources, including scholarships and employment, for the sake of covering academic related expenses.

  • To develop and implement collaborative partnerships, on and off campus, that fosters necessary programs, activities and services for MSP student constituents.

  • To maintain contacts with various academic department advisors for the sake of referring students in need of formal academic advising and support.

  • To consistently assess quality and effectiveness of our programs and services offered to students.