The Volunteerism and Service Learning office supports and assists faculty and staff by providing resources, information, and support for courses that include volunteering or a service learning component. Please be sure to visit the Service Learning section of our website by clicking HERE or navigating to it via the menu option in the lefthand column. 

Resources and opportunities for faculty/staff include:

Course support - Our VKSU/Get Connected online system allows students to set up profiles, search for volunteer opportunities, and track their service hours online. This is particularly helpful for any courses who are requiring service hours for class credit.  For best results, we recommend that VKSU/Get Connected instructions are a) included in the syllabus, and b) VSL staff are invited to present to the class on navigating the VKSU/Get Connected system.

Validating student service hours - In order to validate student service hours, students must set up a profile within VKSU/Get Connected, respond to a need listed in the VKSU/Get Connected system, participate in the service, and log their hours.  After logging their hours, students must await approval (or denial if records are incongruent) from the agency with whom they volunteered and the VSL office.  Once hours have been approved by the agency and VSL office, students are then able to log in to the VKSU/Get Connected system to export and print out  the "Official Volunteer Resume" of all the hours they have logged through the VKSU/Get Connected system in the designated time period. They can this submit this official record to their professor to confirm that they have met the service requirement for the course. For step-by-step instructions on how students can locate, export, and save/print their official volunteer resume, click HERE.

Consultations - If you are interested in adding a service component to your course, our staff will meet with you to customize some options that may be available. The course design can be as simple adding an extra credit service project or a more in-depth level of learning requiring a more substantial amount of hours through direct service, civic engagement, or activism. 

Group service projects - Contact us if your department is interested in participating in a volunteer project as a group. This is a great way to build morale while contributing to the needs of the community. Our staff can meet with you to discuss some resources and options.

Class presentations - Our staff is available to present to your class about utilizing the system, finding the right volunteer opportunities for them and the benefits of volunteering and civic engagement. If you are interested in requesting a class presentation, complete the form below.