Our online system makes looking for volunteer and service opportunities very simple. Through our VKSU/Get Connected system, VKSU.KENNESAW.EDU,  students can search for service opportunities, sign up to volunteer, track their hours online, and download their official volunteer resume. Below is the information to get you started on the path to finding your passion through service.

To search and sign up for volunteer opportunities, click here.

  • Registration: Before you can get started with locating and registering for a volunteer assignment, you must click the Sign Up button located at the top of the Get Connected page (link below). This will allow you to create an account (profile) in the system.

    • You only have to complete the registration process once.
    • Once you have completed the registration process, you can sign back into the site by entering your username and password into the existing log in area. 

    Questions to ask yourself before searching for volunteer opportunities:

    • What have I done in the past that I've enjoyed?
    • What do I want to do as a volunteer - and what should I rule out?
    • How much time can I commit?
    • Do I need to volunteer somewhere close to where I live?
    • What talents and skills can I offer?

    There are over 300 non-profit agencies that post opportunities on our site so this will give you a starting point when searching for opportunities on the Get Connected system.

    Responding to a Need: After you have determined the type of volunteering you would like to do, you will search for an agency and/or a need on our VKSU website. A need is an opportunity or event that an agency has posted in which they need students to volunteer. When you find a need that you would like to volunteer for, you will click the "Respond" button and a contact from the agency will email you with more details shortly.

    To get started, click here.  

  • Steps for Logging your Volunteer/Service Hours
    Students should log their volunteer/service hours immediately after completing their volunteering/service and within no more than three business days.  Failure to do so can result in a lengthier approval process and/or the possibility of those hours not being approved altogether. 

    1. Log into your profile on the Get Connected system with your username and password.
    2. Click on the box with the stopwatch symbol.
    3. Click on the Add hours button (Ignore the export hours button)
    4. Complete the online form - make sure that all the fields are answered.
    5. Please pay special attention to the required questions and be sure to indicate the correct response (i.e. if logging hours for a course, be sure to indicate "Course Requirement" for the first question and specify the course in the second question [i.e. "EDUC 2120]) so that your hours can be counted appropriately. 
    6. You must submit a form for each date of service and not the total number of hours that you volunteered. So for example, if you volunteered both days for a weekend event, each date should be entered separately.

    What happens after I submit my hours?

    • An email will be sent to your volunteer site(s) to verify that you have successfully completed the hours that you have submitted.
    • The agency will confirm or deny your hours by referring to the volunteer log (sign-in/out sheet they keep).
    • The agency will then notify VSL staff on whether or not they have approved, declined, or augmented your hours.
    • Once the agency has done so, the system will then notify VSL staff for final approval.

    Important Items

    • Just because the agency approves your hours, that does not mean the process is complete. VSL must also approve all service hours.
    • VSL has the right to deny service hours if you do not follow the necessary guidelines set forth by the VSL office to obtain your service hours!
    • You will not receive service credit for volunteering with an agency and/or organization that has not already been approved by the VSL office.  If you would like to volunteer with an agency/organization that is not listed in the VKSU system, it is your responsibility to notify our office at least two (2) weeks in advance of the service date so that we may determine if the agency/organization/activity meets VSL/institutional criteria.  
    • All hours must be tracked in the VKSU online system. Letters, faxes, or phone calls from individual agencies will not be accepted.
    • Students suspected of falsifying service hours will be referred to the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity for violating the KSU Codes of Conduct. 

    Log into your profile to submit service hours here.

    Official "Volunteer Resume"
    After logging hours and receiving approval (or denial if records are incongruent) from the agency with whom they volunteered and the VSL office, students are then able to log in to the VKSU/Get Connected system to export and print out the official "volunteer resume" of all the hours they have logged through the VKSU/Get Connected system. Please note that the approval/denial of hours process can take up to three full business days, so students should plan accordingly with any deadlines for having official hours logged, approved, and submitted to professors/organizations/etc. Time management is the responsibility of the student. Students can submit this official record to their professor or organization advisor to confirm that they have met the service requirement for the course, organization, etc.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to locate, export, and print the official volunteer resume, click HERE.

  • This information listed below is for international students who have received or are seeking the international tuition waiver.

    ***For Spring 2018, all service hours must be registered in the VKSU system ( by Friday, April 27th at 5:00 pm.***
    Do not wait until right before the deadline to input your hours! Since the verification process has two steps. It may take up to two (2) weeks for hours to be approved!

    The Volunteerism and Service Learning (VSL) office is the final approver for all service hours submitted through the online system.  As a reminder, students receiving the international tuition waiver must complete twenty (20) hours of service per semester. 

    For specific information and instructions on how the VKSU system works, please refer to the "Getting Started" and "Logging Service Hours & Official Volunteer Resume" sections listed on this page.  When you utilize the VKSU system to log your hours, please indicate "International Tuition Waiver" when you are asked the categorize your hours so they will be counted appropriately. 

    Once you have completed a profile, you can search and sign up for volunteer opportunities online. There are numerous on- and off-campus volunteer/service options. We especially encourage our international students to consider the Conversation Partners Program (CPP)--more information at the bottom of this section--as a great, meaningful way to earn their volunteer/service hours.

    SERVICE BREAKDOWN - IF ENROLLED IN Conversation Partners Program (CPP)
    *Learn more about the Conversation Partners Program at the bottom of this section.
    Students participating in CPP will complete six (6) hours for CPP and then may complete six (6) hours of service on-campus and eight (8) hours of service off-campus.  Students also have the option to complete all fourteen (14) remaining hours of service off-campus.  At least eight (8) hours must be completed off-campus.

    ***Please note, you can only volunteer a maximum of six (6) hours per department/activity for any activity that is sponsored by a KSU department! Please note, even if the event is not physically on this campus, the rule still applies.

    On-campus: any volunteer/service activities located physically on either the Kennesaw or Marietta main campuses.
    Off-campus: any volunteer/service activities located physically anywhere other than the Kennesaw or Marietta main campuses.

    For example:
    6 hours for CPP + 6 hours on-campus activity + 8 hours off-campus activity = 20 hours
    6 hours CPP + 14 hours off-campus activities = 20 hours

    SERVICE BREAKDOWN - IF NOT ENROLLED IN Conversation Partners Program (CPP)
    Students not participating in CPP must complete at least eight (8) hours of service off-campus. The other twelve (12) hours can be completed through on-campus volunteer activities.  Students also have the option to volunteer all twenty (20) hours of service off-campus.

    ***Please note, you can only volunteer a maximum of six (6) hours per department/activity for any activity that is sponsored by a KSU department! Please note, even if the event is not physically on this campus, the rule still applies.

    On-campus: any volunteer/service activities located physically on either the Kennesaw or Marietta main campuses.
    Off-campus: any volunteer/service activities located physically anywhere other than the Kennesaw or Marietta main campuses.

    For example:
    8 hours off-campus + 6 hours with Campus clean-up day + 6 hours with ISA = 20 hours 
    8 hours off-campus + 6 hours with ISA + 6 hours with VSLS = 20 hours
    (If doing all 20 hours off-campus): 4 hours at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store x 5 days of service = 20 hours

    CPP (Conversation Partners Program) is a FUN, FREE program open to all international and native English speaking students, faculty and staff at KSU. At the start of each fall and spring semester, international students are paired with native English-speaking partners in a mutual exchange of languages, cultures and friendships. Partners then meet at least six times during the semester at places and times of their choosing. Examples of partner activities include going for a walk, talking over a cup of coffee or lunch, or attending a campus event.

    • One (1) week before deadline for waiver hours, VSL must contact your Conversation Partner to verify that you have met the required (6) times face-face during the semester.
    • For verification purposes, all participants must come into the VSL office and complete a Conversation Partner Program information sheet regarding your partner's information.
    • After you complete the Conversation Partner Info Sheet, then your partner can complete the Conversation Program Survey. You must complete an Information Sheet before your partner takes this survey. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in you not receiving full credit for your participation in the program!
    • If you have any questions regarding the CPP, that doesn't involve the VSL office, please contact Mr. David Schmidt at (470) 578-6377 or Mr. Schmidt is on the Kennesaw campus Library, Room 442.
    • If you are on the Marietta campus, please contact Ms. Katherine Taylor at or (470) 578-4915. Ms. Taylor's office is located in the Marietta Campus Library, Room 141.
  • If you are involved with a student organization and are interested in assistance with planning a service project for your group, please contact our office. Our staff can assist you by helping you focus on what your goals for the project are, narrowing down what agencies may be a good fit for your organization and any budget considerations that you may want to think about.

    You can utilize the VKSU/Get Connected system as a resource to begin your research. The site will allow you to search over 250 non-profit agencies, read about their mission and volunteer options. You will need to create a profile first and then you can start searching! Our system allows you to track individual hours online but does not allow for group tracking so once the service project is complete, each member of the organization will need to input their hours into the system.

    To get started, click here.

    The other option for tracking service hours is through Owl Life. Student organizations can track their service hours as a group under the self reporting service tab in the Owl Life system. However, the Owl Life system does not allow the search options and functionality that Get Connected does. Ideally, the student organization should search opportunities in the VKSU/Get Connected system through the Volunteerism and Service Learning office. Sign up for the volunteer opportunity and have each member track their hours individually in the system. After the hours are approved, the coordinator for the student organization can log the hours as a group in the Owl Life system.

    To access Owl Life, click here.

  • Students volunteer for a variety of different reasons. It is important that you recognize your reason for volunteering so you can search accordingly. Once you have created a profile in our online system, you will see links listed below on the left side screen. Keep in mind, you need to log in to the system in order to register for a volunteer opportunity. 


    • Click on this link if you have no idea where you want to volunteer.
    • This is where you will locate all the agencies that VKSU currently has an established partnership with and all their ongoing volunteer opportunities. In addition to the ongoing opportunities, this section may include special dated events.


    • Click on this link if you know exactly where you want to volunteer.
    • In this section, you will locate the complete list of agencies that has an established partnership with the VSL office. If you know which agency you want to volunteer for, just scroll through the pages until you find their listing.

    To get started by finding the right need or agency, click here.

  • If you need to cancel your volunteer assignment, for any reason, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the organization as soon as possible to let the Volunteer Coordinator know that you will not able to volunteer at the scheduled time. Many of the community partners we work with are volunteer-run agencies and depend on volunteers to be present for the operation of the office, event or program. Without the full support from the volunteers, they are unable to function to their fullest potential. Additionally, your failure to show is a reflection of Kennesaw State University and could negatively impact the partnership that the agency has with the Volunteerism and Service Learning office.

    If you are scheduled to volunteer and fail to show up, the agency has the right to not allow you to volunteer with them in the future. These agencies will notify VSL and we will address the situation with the student directly.

    Falsifying service hours is against the VSL policy. If you submit service hours that you did not complete, you may be reported to the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity for review.

    It is extremely important that you treat every volunteer assignment as a paid position. Be punctual, friendly to the staff and provide excellent customer service. These are opportunities for you to gain work experience, new skills, job references, future employment, etc.